Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leadscrew cover for your Sherline mill

In the following video, I'll be showing you how to make a leadscrew cover for your Sherline mill. A text version is also available below. You can also see more miscellaneous videos about this topic here.

In this article, I'll be showing you how to make a leadscrew cover for your Sherline mill. A video is also available above.

First, we'll make a bellow cover using a thin sheet of plastic. You can also use tracing paper. The template for the bellow cover can be downloaded here. Stick the printed template onto the plastic sheet using double sided tape and cut out the shape of the template. The original design of the template came from this blog.

Fold along the horizontal lines in alternating direction. After that, reverse the fold from the outside edges until the zigzag lines. Then, make creases along the zigzag lines. These steps will make the actual folding much easier.

And now comes the tricky part. Fold the edges so that it forms a right angle using what is known in origami as the “Outside Reverse Fold”. Repeat the same steps for all the edges on one side first, and then move on to complete the other side. And there you have it, a complete bellow cover. You’ll need to make two of these to cover both ends of the leadscrew.

Next, we’ll make the mounting plate that will hold the bellow cover. You can make your mounting plate out of aluminium, plastic or even cardboard. The template for the mounting can also be downloaded here. When using cardboard, stick the printed template onto the cardboard and cut out the shape of the mounting plate.

Finally, attach the bellow cover and mounting plate to your Sherline mill. The easiest method is to use double sided tape. I recommend using the “3M Scotch Permanent Double Sided Tape” because it will not come off easily. You can also attach the bellow cover and mounting plate using screws if you don’t mind drilling holes to your Sherline mill.

Feel free to download the templates to make your own leadscrew cover and please post me your comments or queries if you have any.


9W2BSR said...

Hi there,
Read your comment on my bellow for the Sherline. Yours look much better and very well made... may be can mass produced for sale to all Sherline owner worldwide... :-)

BTW, your stepper looks longer than Standard Sherline... how fast is your rapid? I'm thinking of changing my stepper from Sherline to something like Any good place to pick them up in Singapore?

iXen Yeo said...

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I got my 269 stepper motors from They provide shipping to Singapore.

Although, I've never purchase any stepper motors in Singapore, I heard that you can get them from Sim Lim Tower.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!!! Video is awesome as well.

A few suggestions:

Please add scale to your drawings so that people will know how big to print the diagrams.
I think a line of fixed dimension would be helpful. That way I would know that I need to match this size when printing.
Also you could put fold up/fold down instructions on each line so that it is easier to follow your steps.

Again fantastic work!!


iXen Yeo said...

Thanks for your feedback. I've added some dimensions to both the templates.

Anonymous said...

what kind of plastic material did you use?
i cant find anything like it here in sc .
maybe im looking in the wrong place.
any help here!!!
thanks ,
brian p

iXen Yeo said...

I got the plastic sheet long time ago. It's actually meant for a back cover for binding documents. I guess you can get it from any regular book store. You can also use tracing paper. That’s what I used initially :-)

bill, CCED said...

Thank you for posting the directions and the video. However for anyone that is the least bit hearing impaired, it would be a lot better if there was no music on the video, it is your voice that is important, not entertaining music.
Again Thank You for the directions and the files.

iXen Yeo said...

Thanks Bill for your feedback about the background music. I will take note of that for subsequent videos.

Bill said...

Very, Very Nice! Innovative to say the least. I am guessing the material you are using is Polypropylene.



Anonymous said...

Do you have the g-codes for the mounting plates and could you please post them?

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

i am going to make the gcode so you can post on your site. i hope you dont mind me doing so.
ill have in a few days

Anonymous said...

greetings from london,
I have just had an entertaining hour trialing your origami- have not done this for over 30 years!
My Sgerline shall soon have bellows, but with holes in them so i can lubricate the leadscrew - well done - looking ofrward to using the code for the endplates ... my partner's and my efforts are posted on

SkyG said...

Very nice bellows! I'm going to make these for sure for my Sherline conversion. Could you please post the mounting plate template as a .dxf file? I have a laser cutter and would like to fashion them out of 3mm Lite-Ply.

MJ Ospina said...

I made your bellow for my sherline mill, it works wonderfully! Thank you for sharing your design. I took some pictures of the bellow I made and would like to share those with you. Please let me know how you would like me to send the pictures to you.

Thank you, MJ Ospina

MJ Ospina said...

Hi: I forgot to tell you I'm in Bogota, Colombia.

Allen Rowe said...

Thank you for your ideas and video.

I followed your directions and made a test set of bellows out of plain bond paper. They work amazingly well and have lasted quite a while. I will be making a set from a binder cover when the paper version finally tears apart.

iXen Yeo said...

Glad to know that the video is useful. I started off with the cardboard version too and now I'm using the aluminium version

eidbi said...

Hi, Great job, just what's needed.
I saw these on the Tryally utube videos. Both great info for Sherline users.

Yossi said...

Hi iXen Yeo,

Great idea, i have designed the front and rear plates (based on your pdf file) on solidworks. how can i share them with all you ?

Enjoy people, if you need some fix i will be happy to help you.

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to the mill. Does anyone have a link for the G-Code for cutting the plates for the bellows cover?

John - Elmira NY

Miniaturist said...

Thank you verry mutch for this graet!!!

You can make DXF in AutoCad or other
program to run G-code


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משה גדיד said...

Hi Xhen and all,

is any one can share the the front and rear plates on solidworks or measurements?



Carlos said...

Hello my friend!

Thanks very much for this! Worked wonderful on my sherline mill!

Just attach the AutoCAD for everybody do it on CNC!