Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cheap DIY Mill Enclosure

In this video, I'll be showing you how to make an enclosure for your mill using acrylic.

The design and dimension for the mill enclosure can be downloaded here. Draw the template onto the acrylic sheets and cut it using the following power tools or scoring tool.

Download another mill enclosure details here.

Assemble the various parts using acrylic glue. On top of that, you can use silicone glue for extra bonding strength.

The front cover can be mounted to the enclosure using acrylic hinges.

Feel free to download the templates to make your own mill enclosure and please post me your comments or queries if you have any.


HERBIE said...

Looks great! I'm enjoying the blog.

I'm running a somewhat similar blog as well -

iXen Yeo said...

Hi Herbie, I've just visited your blog and bookmarked it :)

Thanks for sharing the info.

Anonymous said...

It would need to be deeper to accommodate Sherline 2000 mill. It should also be larger if you plan to
upgrade the X or Y axis travel (A2ZCNC).
Even with the standard sherline base, it needs to be a full 1M wide to accomodate the width of the machine + 9" X travel + coupler + stepper (some 4") + handwheel + hand.

Some modifications which would be easier to do before it is assembled:
- A hole in the top to allow rods to be
dropped through the spindle for
machining with 3/4 jaw chuck.

- Windows in the sides (you could make a
slide pocket using acrylic sheet) to
allow long stock (such as bar stock)
to be fed in from the side.

- Angles on the front cover to prevent
coolant spray from escaping.

- A reinforced version would allow
a monitor on top. The enclosure,
particularly if made as wide as it should be to fully accomodate the sherline Y axis, let alone the A2Z
extended Y axis, doesn't leave much room on the table for computer or tools.

- Coolant drain port.

- Drawer underneath for accessories.

- Mount the machine on 8020 aluminum
t-slot extrusions (ebay, enco, etc) or superstruts which make it easier to attach other things.

One problem with the sherline is that any enclosure needs to be significantly larger than the machine itself and much larger than the work area.

Bill said...

Apparently you are in the media business. Your site is so professional. I must learn how to make the videos as well as you do. I use acrylic quite a lot myself. But the biggest reason I came was to see the pleated covers. I got the tip from Digital Machinists. Thank you for the advice.

wongster said...

Where do you get the acrylic sheets and hinges in sg?

iXen Yeo said...

Hi Wongster, you can try Scan Plastic @ Kallang Place. However, I got mine a very long time ago... I'm not sure if they are still available.

Ron @ New EDMs said...

Looks very professional! Can this be modified for larger or smaller drills?

EDM Machines said...

It doesn't have to be super industrial to get the job done. Very clean, very nice.